Required Corporate Financing Information

If you wish to forward your corporate financing information, the following should be included:

1. Last three (3) years accountant prepared corporate financial year-end statements for all related companies.

2. Most recent and previous year comparative corporate interim financing statement of all related companies (not necessary to be accountant prepared).

3. Last two (2) years corporate 1120 federal tax returns, required of companies that have comparative or review type financial statements.

4. Personal financial statements and tax return of any shareholder owning 20% or more of the company's stocks.

5. Bank references, including corporate checking account numbers, loan account numbers, bank contact persons name and telephone numbers.

6. Notes or lease payable equipment credit references, including loan or lease account numbers, contact persons name and telephone numbers.

7. At least three (3) current trade references including telephone numbers.

8. Current fleet equipment list.

9. Brief description of your operations including contracts in force, number of employees and classifications, and where business revenues are primarily derived.

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